Chancellor Sheri Everts

Dr. Sheri Everts joined Appalachian State University as its eighth leader in July 2014.

Chancellor Everts’ priorities for moving forward as a campus community include:

  • articulating the ways Appalachian defines sustainability;
  • increasing the diversity of our student, faculty and staff populations;
  • improving wellness, health and safety for our campus community;
  • integrating global learning into and beyond our classrooms;
  • supporting faculty and staff;
  • providing innovative and creative opportunities for our students to engage in and showcase their research;
  • emphasizing the significance of the difference we can make in communities here and across the world through civic engagement;
  • securing the necessary resources to energize and sustain these strategic initiatives and support our world-class faculty, staff and students; and
  • maintaining a focus on slow and steady enrollment growth.

A Rigorous Student Experience

At Appalachian, student learning and student success come from a challenging academic curriculum, active classroom environments and close collaboration between faculty members and students on scholarly activities. A strong emphasis on undergraduate research, international experiences, interdisciplinary connections and measurable learning outcomes that assess student progress are at the core of Appalachian’s academic activities.

Chancellor's messages

  • Monday, October 25, 2021
    I am sure many of you have heard of President Biden’s recent vaccine mandate associated with federal contracts. Like our higher ed colleagues in North Carolina and across the country, we are reviewing the guidance and its implications for our employees.
  • Friday, October 8, 2021

    Good afternoon.

    Thank you for the opportunity to address you this afternoon. While this meeting is taking place a bit later in the year than is typical, I always look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a university update.

  • Friday, September 24, 2021

    Good afternoon, and thank you, Chair Lampe, for your leadership of this Board.

    I’d like to begin my remarks today by acknowledging the contributions of former Chancellor John Thomas, who passed away at the beginning of the month. Chancellor Thomas was a beloved member of our campus community who served as chancellor of App State from 1979–1993. He championed the importance of teaching and research going hand-in-hand, and his legacy of innovation and service will remain a central aspect of our campus culture for generations to come. Those who were fortunate to know him remember him as kind, thoughtful and community-focused. He was my trusted mentor and dear friend, and he will forever occupy a special place in my heart and in the heart of our campus community.

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