Chancellor Sheri Everts

Dr. Sheri Everts joined Appalachian State University as its eighth leader in July 2014.

Chancellor Everts’ priorities for moving forward as a campus community include:

  • Articulating the ways Appalachian defines sustainability,
  • Increasing the diversity of our student, faculty and staff populations,
  • Improving wellness, health and safety for our campus community,
  • Integrating global learning into and beyond our classrooms,
  • Supporting faculty and staff,
  • Providing innovative and creative opportunities for our students to engage in and showcase their research,
  • Emphasizing the significance of the difference we can make in communities here and across the world through civic engagement,
  • Securing the necessary resources to energize and sustain these strategic initiatives and support our world-class faculty, staff and students, and,
  • Maintaining a focus on slow and steady enrollment growth.

A Rigorous Student Experience

At Appalachian, student learning and student success come from a challenging academic curriculum, active classroom environments and close collaboration between faculty members and students on scholarly activities. A strong emphasis on undergraduate research, international experiences, interdisciplinary connections and measurable learning outcomes that assess student progress are at the core of Appalachian’s academic activities.

Chancellor's messages

  • Tuesday, March 19, 2019

    Spring break did not slow down the building and renovation projects we have underway. The demolition of Owens Field House continued and we’re making headway preparing for the new residence halls and parking deck. We have committed to these projects in order to ensure Appalachian’s future and maintain the university’s position as the premier, public undergraduate institution of higher learning in the state. You can be proud of your diploma and be assured that its value appreciates with these improvements — an investment totaling more than $250 million. It’s my pleasure to share an update on Appalachian’s future and these projects with you.

  • Friday, March 15, 2019

    Our students have just returned from a well-deserved breather. Some stayed in the area to work or use the quiet time for research and regrouping; some gave their time and talents to an Alternative Service Experience project; and some caught a few rays, caught up with loved ones or simply caught up on sleep. If you were one of the families that enjoyed a visit from your student, I hope it was a restful, restorative time, and that you heard about events and activities at Appalachian.

  • Tuesday, February 12, 2019

    More than 95,000 Appalachian graduates live and work in North Carolina, making real and powerful differences in our communities and our state’s economy. We have educators in every county in the state, meaning many of your children, extended family and friends are being taught by your former classmates. Given the level of their expertise, imagine the exponential impact of the 7,000-plus who are actively employed by schools in our state.

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