Chancellor Sheri Everts’ vision for Appalachian State University

At Appalachian, we put students first, always, and together we are building a bright future. Ultimately, the reason Appalachian’s stellar faculty and staff come to work every day is to realize this vision.

  • Appalachian’s identity is built on the university’s tradition. Since inception, the university has had one vision – putting students first by providing access to a quality education.
  • Conceived by the Dougherty brothers over a century ago, this vision has been built upon by each successive chancellor. Chancellor Everts honors this tradition by working with the entire Appalachian Community to continue building upon Appalachian’s distinctive identity and core values.
  • From her earliest days at Appalachian, Chancellor Everts has stated the vision for the university is defined by the Appalachian Community. She sees it as her responsibility to facilitate this vision and help the community move forward. This practice of transparency and inclusion is critical to our success as an institution, and will continue.
  • Chancellor Everts continues to find opportunities to hear the needs of faculty, staff and students, and develop ways to facilitate support for the critical work of our institution of higher learning.
  • As a community, Appalachian has articulated a vision for the future: inspired by the ideal of sustainable community, we seek to deliver the Southeast’s best comprehensive, progressive education. Our stellar faculty and staff prepare students to lead purposeful lives as engaged citizens. We do the important work of realizing this vision every day, through discussions that take place in groups large and small, public and private.

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