On the Mountain

Monday, February 6, 2017

On Jan. 27, the provost, faculty senate chair, several vice chancellors and I shared our state-of-the-university remarks at the Spring Faculty/Staff meeting. Our thoughts and priorities were clearly in sync – predictably so, as they reflect the metrics for success set forth in the university’s Strategic Plan 2014-19.

A brief recap:

  • We are fully committed to preserving faculty and staff excellence and to recruiting, retaining and developing faculty and staff by providing them with the resources they require and deserve.
  • We are in a positive position fiscally due to an improving economy, conservative budgetary practices and long-standing financial prudence, but we must prepare for some budget realities due in part to a cap on fees and the guarantee of a flat tuition beginning with the 2017-18 freshman class.
  • Our fundraising goals remain focused on scholarships, new professorships, faculty support and outfitting the new Beaver College of Health Sciences facility.
  • We will remain proactive on issues affecting student health, wellness and safety; we will strive to nurture diversity of thought, belief and community; and we will promote a healthy work/life balance for our faculty, staff and students.

A copy of my remarks and a summary of other speakers’ comments can be found here.

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