COVID-19 update from Appalachian State University — week of March 30–April 3

Friday, April 3, 2020

In this rapidly changing situation, accurate and timely information is key to navigating challenges associated with COVID-19. We are doing our utmost to address the questions each day brings and share our processes and solutions as we move forward. This week, with guidance from the UNC System, we have addressed several pressing issues:

Mountaineers continue to work together to creatively provide helpful and necessary resources. A few examples:

I am immensely proud of our students, faculty and staff who see opportunities among the challenges. Members of the Appalachian Community have also used their words to provide solace, encouragement and a fresh perspective — several examples of which I have highlighted below. I shared some of these messages with our faculty earlier in the week.

  • “I just wanted to get word to you how grateful I am for App State’s efforts. I can only imagine the herculean effort required by staff and faculty to transition to virtual classrooms. My son is reporting it was ready a week later and moving forward without a hitch. And so, therefore, is my son. Thank you all. I am so glad, once again, that my son is with ASU.”

  • “I think my experience at App is what taught me these healthy ways to cope with a tricky situation like COVID-19 and to maintain a positive outlook. I don't know if I'd be equally as equipped to handle this situation without my App Experience.”

  • “I am excited for everyone to see how powerful online instruction can be. There are certainly some face-to-face benefits that cannot be recreated online, but there are also online benefits that cannot be recreated face-to-face. Both students and instructors will become more tech savvy, and I believe we’ll emerge from this situation awakened to new possibilities and equipped with new abilities that will strengthen our university."

Amidst the uncertainty of our present situation, our words and our actions are proof positive that together we can — and will — continue to move mountains.

/s/ Sheri Everts

Sheri Everts, Chancellor