An Opportunity to Shine

Hosting our Board of Governors
Friday, March 29, 2019

Our university made a very positive impression on an important group of visitors last week.

Members of the UNC System Board of Governors were our guests for their two-day meeting. This was the first time the board, which holds every other meeting on one of the system campuses, has met on our campus since 1999 — a time when our enrollment was 12,000. This visit allowed us to showcase how we have changed — not only in numbers, but also in the ways we teach the leaders of tomorrow and serve the state of North Carolina today.

During the visit, the governors had time to interact with individual students; deans, along with students, faculty and staff, shared accomplishments from their colleges as well as updates on their research and special projects. You can watch the video we prepared for them, which shows how Appalachian is helping shape the education of young people in our state — from kindergarten through college.

We were sure to share our enrollment numbers, our retention rates and other accolades that support our position as the premier, public undergraduate institution in the state. We also advocated for funding appropriate for a university of our size and stature.

With help from Student Ambassadors, we took members of the board — as well as colleagues from other system campuses — on a campus tour. We showed them Sanford and Wey halls and their level of disrepair. We took them to Levine Hall so they can see how we deliver a building on time and on budget when given state resources, and we showed them the site of the Innovation Campus so they can envision what is in our future.

There are two important takeaways from this experience.

The first is how very proud we can be of this institution and the people who were most visible: the young cadets and police officers who provided the necessary security; all of the Mountaineers who provided extraordinary service throughout the visit; the deans, faculty, staff and students who helped showcase the important work taking place in our colleges and divisions; and each of you who helped us extend an Appalachian welcome to the governors during their stay.

Second, we placed our university on the map for many of these individuals — individuals who make critically important decisions about our future. They now have a key frame of reference for making these decisions.

It’s a great time to be a Mountaineer. We were able to share that message loud and clear.

/s/ Sheri Everts

Sheri Everts, Chancellor

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