Appalachian Autumn

FEaST, families and alumni returning home
Thursday, October 25, 2018

Family Weekend was a reminder of how far our Appalachian Community extends. It was wonderful to see so many visitors on our campus, including our Family of the Year, and the Alumni Council and past presidents who gathered for a meeting Saturday morning. The council members are ardent ambassadors of Appalachian and share our stories proudly across the state and beyond. I appreciate their dedication to their alma mater.

On Monday, I joined chancellors from the other University of North Carolina System institutions for lunch with Gov. Cooper in Raleigh. I had the opportunity to share details with him about our changing physical infrastructure and five-year goals to empower human potential. We are documenting both on a new website called Appalachian’s Future, where you can find the latest updates on construction and details about our growth and change.

Food, engagement and storytelling were the order of the day for the FEaST banquet on Sanford Mall. It was gratifying to see so many participate. This free, zero waste, locally sourced meal is an annual effort to raise awareness about sustainable food and action. Thanks to the team at AppalFRESH for organizing this event.

Last week was National Transfer Student Week. One-third of our undergraduate students enter as transfers from another four-year university, a community college or the military. Thanks in large part to the Office of Transfer Services, we are recognized nationally for the support we provide our transfers. The completion rate for transfer graduates coming to us from community colleges is more than 20 percent above the national average. In light of our efforts to make a four-year college education accessible to all, I am particularly proud of the work of our faculty and staff to support student success.

/s/ Sheri Everts

Sheri Everts, Chancellor