Sustaining for Tomorrow

Earth Month: a reminder of our mission
Friday, April 6, 2018

During April, we celebrate Earth Month on Appalachian’s campus and in the community. The goal for this annual celebration is to heighten awareness of our commitments to sustainability as outlined in our strategic plan and showcased in the 2018 edition of Appalachian Magazine.

Earth Month also affords us the opportunity to shine the spotlight on issues we can address proactively. I’m proud to share an example of how sustainable responsibility has allowed the university to avoid $37 million in energy and water usage costs from 2002-17.

Our reputation as leaders and innovators in sustainability opens doors for our graduates to industries that are doing business for good. And, in a time when institutions of higher education are facing enrollment challenges across the nation, our commitment to sustainability places our university – and our innovations – in high demand.

/s/ Sheri Everts

Sheri Everts, Chancellor