Important Message to the Campus Community

Friday, April 8, 2016

Dear Appalachian Community:

The Chancellor has asked me to share that she is very sorry that she was required to be away from campus today. As many of you know, a campus protest is underway led by students concerned about the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act (also known as House Bill 2 or HB 2) and the impact it holds for our campus.

Chancellor Everts' absence from campus was necessary because she had surgery under general anesthesia today and, per doctor’s advice, she was not on campus. Chancellor Everts looks forward to meeting with student representatives to hear their views as soon as possible on Monday. I am working to arrange for the Chancellor's meeting with students.

Earlier today, President Margaret Spellings shared remarks concerning the new Act and these are being widely reported in the media. The Chancellor will have the opportunity to review these developments and engage with our community in moving forward together.


Darrell P. Kruger
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor