Enjoy this Moment

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dear Members of the Appalachian Community:

Please take a moment to watch this short video. I know you will enjoy hearing from some of our newest alumni! Please have a safe and happy end to 2014, and here’s to a terrific new year!


/s/ Sheri N. Everts

Sheri N. Everts


December 13, 2014

Camera crew: Alright let me know when you’re ready. Go for it.

Lindsey Chandler: What will I miss most about Appalachian?

Zion Greenfield: The thing I’m going to miss most about Appalachian is the tight knit community here.

Kenley Joseph: I mean Appalachian is just a small community that acts just like a family.

LC: The sense of family, the fact that you know from day one when I set foot on this campus I felt like I was immediately accepted by everyone.

Kristina Marie Key: Basically everyone is out to help you.

Abigail Walsh: And I’m definitely going to miss the mountains, my heart is here.

Angela Jo Hercula: The thing I’m going to miss most about Appalachian is the weather.

Clint Sorrell: Um, the weather a little bit, but not so much the snow.

Maria Juarez: Definitely the weather, I love six foot of snow everyday, it’s awesome.

KMK: Appalachian has prepared me a lot for my next step.

James Buckley: Specifically in sustainable development, they have prepared me not only for the work force but a greater question is - how shall I live and not just what do I want to be when I grow up.

James Lautzenheiser: The way they provide us with doors, and keys to open those doors so we can go into the future and have any number of opportunities.

KMK: I have visited Cuba twice with study abroad it definitely opened my eyes.

AJH: They have put me in six different art galleries and have given me lots experience working with lots of professionals in the art field.

ZG: I believe I have really learned how to identify opportunities and as an entrepreneur that is essential and maybe I’ll see something that I wouldn’t have seen before and that could be the one thing that is the million dollar idea so…

AW: I have definitely changed since I came to Appalachian.

LC: The biggest changes I have seen since day one, probably my ability to think in terms of other people.

KJ: The biggest change I have seen would probably be maturity, more professional I would say.

Marco Alcivar Perez: I think that the biggest change in me happened becoming more assertive.

AJH: But I think the biggest thing is I’ve become more of myself and more accepting of myself.

KMK: The biggest change I’ve seen in myself is definitely being content with who I am.

JB: I just became comfortable in meeting new people, meeting new friends.

ZG: I would say I’m all around more optimistic and now coming out of it I feel like almost anything is possible.

KMK: I would love to thank my parents Peggy and Terry Key for their constant support.

AJH: Blair Hurculum, my father and my biggest fan.

MJ: Yes, I would love to say thank you to mom, dad and my little brother Benny.

KJ: Mom, Dad, thank you – I mean all the nights I’ve called ya’ll stressed.

CS: Um, my parents for paying for my education and supporting me the whole way.

MAP: To my parents, one of them is in Ecuador, and one of them has been here since day one so if they hadn’t done so much to help me get my career going I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you very much guys.

ZG: I’d like to thank my Grandmother, Marilyn Fiensklestein, I never could have done it without her at all, um.

LC: And thank you to all my friends who have stood by me and just been there for me whenever I’ve needed them.

AJH: And I would like to thank several of our professors, Jim Toub, Martin Church, Scott Ludwig and especially Vicki Group.

JB: Dr. Westerman through sustainable development challenging me in the ways I should live, challenging me to do something more with my life.

JL: Dr. Eric Frouman and Jerry Cantwell.

KJ: Coach Weaver, track team, I thank you all too.

ZG: Meredith Church Pipes, Jessie Church Pipes, Heather Dixon-Fowler.

KMK: Scott Ludwig and April Flanders, I could not have graduated without their help, assistance and ongoing support.

AW: Muchas gracias don Professor Soreias (?), I’m so excited, woo hoo – graduation!

KJ: And I mean, this is for ya’ll – we made it.

Chancellor Everts: Congratulations to the Class of 2014. I give you just one piece of advice – enjoy this, take just a moment to be proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished. We are so proud of you. And for the rest of the campus, have a great rest of the year.

Announcer: You may now move your tassles from the right to the left.