July 2018 AppDate Alumni Newsletter message

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

AppDate, the July 2018 Alumni Newsletter
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Chancellor Sheri Everts’ message to alumni

Team Sunergy, Appalachian’s student-led solar vehicle team, took third place in its class in the Formula Sun Grand Prix last week — the third podium spot in as many years — and is now racing its Cruiser Class solar vehicle, ROSE, in the 2018 American Solar Challenge. As of this writing, ROSE is almost halfway through the open road course that covers more than 1,700 miles along portions of the Oregon Trail from Nebraska to Bend, Oregon.

The upcoming seventh annual Appalachian Energy Summit begins July 30 and the theme is “Leadership for Good.” Our solar vehicle team is an extraordinary example of student leadership changing the future of transportation. I am extremely proud of them. Read more about Team Sunergy and the Appalachian Energy Summit here. I’m certain you’ll be proud, too.